JomJom Malaysia is an open online advertising operated and developed by vCloud Services Sdn Bhd. The site allows anyone to advertise any of their business brands and services. One of the biggest benefit is to increase the brand recognition and build the brand awareness. The advantages is to giving clients the ability to target all types of customers.

Our Platforms network are big and wide which is covered the Website, Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).

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We aim to build the future infrastructure of advertising by online. We ensure that our customers will happily advertise at JomJom and to grow and increase their business popularity and network through the Internet Technology.


Our mission is to make it easy for all to do their business at anywhere and anytime. We provide the online technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help the merchants, brands, and other business to promote and provide their products, services and digital content to leverage the power of the Internet to engage with their users and customers.

Each of the platforms viewer are depend to the which type of user that being targeted accordingly to what’s the brand or services that suit it. It will be increasing the viewer if targeted correctly.



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